# Codavel Unified Plugin

Codavel Unified Plugin is the ultimate solution to ensure you can understand, control and optimize your users' video experience, and your video delivery flow.

The integration of the Codavel Unified Pluging into your applications will give you access, via the Codavel Panel (opens new window), to the following main features:

# Analytics

  • Collect metrics and metadata regarding the behaviour of any video streaming app, which can be divided into these categories:
    • Video Analytics
      • Broad analytics capabilities of the video platform’s performance and the audience’s behavior in the video playback, always in real-time
    • Ads Analytics
      • Analyze ad performance in terms of audience, business, quality, and engagement
    • App Analytics
      • Track any event in any app, enabling a comprehensive understanding of user behavior beyond video playback

# CDN Balancer

  • Manage your multi-CDN endpoints automatically, to achieve your optimal tradeoff between user experience and delivery costs
    • Your application will proactively selecting the best CDN endpoint for each video segment
    • Proactive selection performed live, based on what your user is actually experiencing
    • Easily setup your business goals via Codavel Panel (opens new window). This proactive selection is performed live, based on your desired business goals (defined by you via Codavel Panel (opens new window)), making sure you achieve your optimal tradeoff between user experience and delivery costs
    • P2P video delivery to alleviate peak traffic
    • (Coming soon) Reduce your delivery costs

There are two major integration guides available:

# Plugin Integration

Instructions on how to integrate the Codavel Unified Plugin into an application.

# Certification Tool

Codavel Unified Plugin also includes a tool that allows you to easily certify that the integration of Codavel Unified Plugin is properly done.

# What's New

Codavel Unified Plugin release notes


If you have any questions do not hesitate in contacting us via support@codavel.com.

Updated: 7/6/2023, 3:26:38 PM