# Certification Tool

The Unified Plugin presents a Self-certification Tool, also know as Diagnostic Tool.

This tool allows the certification of the integration process of the Unified Plugin into an application. It is enabled by default and its funcionality can be controlled remotely or localy.

By default, the diagnostic tool reports its results after 5 minutes of the creation of the plugin, or when the video player stop playing video.

# Validations

The diagnostic tool performs the following validations regarding the CDN Balancer component:

  • If CDN Balancer is able to intercept requests
  • If CDN Balancer stats are being sent to the Control Panel
  • If CDN Balancer was able to fetch data from the Selector API
  • If CDN Balancer is performing Active Switching
  • If CDN Balancer made CDN switching (this is not mandatory for a good integration since it might not happen during the tests)

Regarding the Analytics component, the diagnostic tool performs the following validations:

  • If Analytics has a registered player
  • If Analytics was able to reach the NQS server (metrics collection service)
  • If Video Analytics captured events
    • A list of the captured events and some of its metrics are displayed

Please note the diagnostic tool currently is not verifying if the collected metrics arrived at the NQS server and are shown in the Codavel Panel.

Updated: 7/6/2023, 3:26:38 PM